Re: [Newbie] Help! Adding levels to my MUD

From: Michael Graziano (mikeg@HOFLINK.COM)
Date: 11/04/97

Hmmmm, did you try ignoring levels.doc and opening up class.c yourself? Just
make the changes there that you want (add level/exp and level/title stuff),
then open up structs.h and change the immortal level definitions so they don't
cause errors...

Nathan Ridley wrote:

>  Hi,
> I have a couple of queries. I have begun a new mud, which I have big plans
> for. I have already designed most of the world map, and am currently in the
> process (with some friends) of scrapping the current stock areas and
> replacing them entirely with our own. anyway, my main question is, with
> patch level 12, many things have obviously been modified. I have found that
> using the levels.doc file, the code doesn't work with the modifications i
> made. I wanted to upgrade to 100 levels (1-96 for mortals). For some reason
> (and i have double and triple checked my code, i keep getting errors. is
> there an updated levels.doc file? or would someone be willing to check out
> the mod's i made? any help is appreciated in a major way. also.. does
> anyone know if the new_prompt code will work on patch level 12? (the one
> which gives you lots of pretty colours and customisability)
> thanks,
> Nathan Ridley
> p.s. Is anyone out there good at ASCII character art? i've sort of been
> failing at making a cool title screen for the mud.
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