From: RHS Linux User (blue@CALICO.GATOR.NET)
Date: 11/04/97

> administrator/coder to implement the style of role-playing he or she
> most desires.  I wouldn't object to providing a script language, or
> perhaps a (primordial) logic engine for NPCs (e.g., if it is snowing,
> put on some clothes; if I'm smart and aggressive, and the person in

yes, yes, yes, and yes. An solid AI engine would be the start of a whole
new paradygm of mud-creation.. not that I believe for a second that more
than one out of fifty people would use it creatively, but, well:

> something creative with their MUD.  I think it'd either make people
> not use BobMUD or force them to bother converting the stock areas.
> Your thoughts (on the matter)?

JE says somewhere that his intent for continuing to work on Circle is to
release a good solid code-base, and I got the impression that a lot of the
areas and mobs, etc. are sort of fluff to his mind.

As such, it rocks. As a role-playing game, it's beat.

My big thought/question is "Why would Bob want to subject years of hard
work to kids who unzip, install, and start begging the mudring people to
link them?"

My main wish from BobMUD would be a configurable "game" within the mud.
IE, all aspects of class, race, etc. be configurable from external files
(a motif based X editor!).


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