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From: Jason Margaritis (jkat@HIGHLANDIL.COM)
Date: 10/31/97

Mike Carpenter wrote:
> Im trying to create an item that if worn will make the person invisible.
> I made a spec_proc and then assigned a mob but it doesn't seem to work.
> Can someone guide me in the direction I should be going for something like
> this.
> I just made a spec_proc that set_bit(aff_flags(ch), aff_invisible) if they
> type gone
> and remove_bit(aff_flags(ch), aff_invisible) if they type here.  I assigned
> the proc to a object and
> i get Huh when i type "gone" or "here" and it doesnt set my aff_flags to
> aff_invis
> help?

If you are using CMD_IS("gone") to indentify the command, you
must add the 'gone' command to the master command list in
interpreter.c.  Its easy to find.
you should add something like,

{ "gone"     , POS_RESTING, do_not_here , 0, 0 },

Jason Margaritis

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