Re: Am I alone...?

From: Baktor Silvanti (baktor@BEDFORD.NET)
Date: 11/06/97

Nathan Ridley wrote:
> Am I the only one who doesn't like OLC? I like to be able to keep track of
> the world, where everything is and what has currently been made. If OLC is
> in, anyone at IMM status and higher goes haywire making stuff and i
> completely lose track of everything...


If security is your problem, or you flat out don't want others to make
something behind your back, I suggest two things:

1.  go through the OLC code and change where it checks for IMM level and
set it to however high you want.  This way you can make it for IMP only
or hell, take it one step further and have a name test to see if its YOU
or people you trust.  Changing OLC code is not hard, and here at Lordmud
we have changed it so that each imm is assigned a zone to build, and
they only have access to that particular zone (IMP's have full
access--another reason for security)

2.  log() and mudlog()....add lots.  Or take this one step further and
create a new log, a OLC file.  Then, not only can your builders use olc,
but also, you know exactly what they have done.  You can even get so
detailed as to mudlog what options have changed on a particular room.

The thing is here though is trust.  Do you trust your gods?  If you
don't, how did they become gods?  I'm pondering why you worry so much
about who does what--and where when you should be trusting your gods.
**Yes yes, i know you can trust somebody and boom, your stuck later on**

but this is my two cents on the topic.

Baktor Silvanti

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