From: Benjamin Draper (satrycus@DRACHENBURG.DEMON.CO.UK)
Date: 11/06/97

I can't remember who posted it, but someone was talking about an
to stop useful objects being purged.
   The system I'm using in my MUD splits purge into three parts, i.e
obj, mob & char.
I've still got the original purge for total clean out, but if I wan't to
the (100) A waybread is lying here. from the donation room without
purging any
mobs that happen to be there, this division comes in useful.
   I noticed a problem with having a no purge flag, that sometimes you
want to
get shot of an item that might usually warrant a no purge flag, so I've
when I
directly purge an item the no purge flag is ignored.
   Can't say this any help, but it might be to someone...


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