Re: [OLC] [WIN95]

From: Andrew Evans (Andrew_Evans@JBA.CO.UK)
Date: 11/07/97

>I've recently installed the oasis olc into my stock mud and so far I
>love the results (thanks for the time spent on making it) I do however
>have one slightly major problem with it.  When you create a new zone it
>will crash the mud everytime.  It does however create all the necessary
>files before it crashes.

Then you must be running a pre-1.5 version, like 1.2 or something.
I installed that into stock pl11 to see if it was the kind of thing I
wanted, before
hand patching 1.5 into my MUD fer real.

However I am finding that there is still one l'il problem in 1.5 under
Windows 95.
I'm compiling it using MSVC4, and it crashes the very first time you try to
save a
mob. (BUT - it does not do this while running it in debug in MSCV!!!!!!)
After that it is fine... but it happens when it tries to free the mob-index
or something,
I cannae remember right now without the code infront of me, but I switched
on the
I_CRASH flag that effectively comments this bit out and now it's fine and

>The only thing that i see wrong so far is
>that  it never renames newindex to index.  It does create the
>appropriate files however.  I was wondering if somebody has found the
>same problems? and if so...what to do about it.

Yer, I get that problem, it doesnae delete the old index and rename
Alls I did was to add this extra bit into the Autorun.Bat file that I'm
using to boot the MUD.

     eg.  if exists c:\circle30\lib\world\zon\newindex goto newzone

     del c:\circle30\lib\world\zon\index
     ren c:\circle30\lib\world\zon\newindex index

Works a treat!


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