Confuzzeled, Clone and Mobprogs..

From: Soren P. Skou (serces@MUD.DK)
Date: 11/07/97

Hi all..

Looking at casting the spell Clone together with mobprogs, I all of a
sudden stumpled upon this one. Very very weird, and I can't seem to
decode what's going wrong. Anyone have an Idea??

Here's the GDB dump from the core:

#0  0x804c3f9 in act (str=0x1 "", hide_invisible=0, ch=0x830d0d0,
    vict_obj=0x0, type=4) at comm.c:1861
1861      if (!str || !*str) {

And the Code that leads up to this one.. *very confuzzled*

void act(char *str, int hide_invisible, struct char_data *ch,
         struct obj_data *obj, void *vict_obj, int type)
  struct char_data *to;
  static int sleep;

  if (!str || !*str) {
    MOBTrigger = TRUE;

Anyone with an Idea?


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