Re: Confuzzeled, Clone and Mobprogs..

From: Soren P. Skou (serces@MUD.DK)
Date: 11/07/97

On  7 Nov 97 at 6:10, Patrick J. Dughi wrote:

> examining the act()'s within it for errors - I may be wrong, but
> many spells were not specifically ment to be cast by mobs, and
> therin may lie trouble.
thnx.. :) Of course that was what my Idea was next, but erhm.. Kinda
got offtrack when GDB told me it was in comm.c *D'OH*

But I've changed most of the Acts so that NPC's can cast spells as
well.. no trouble there, we even have Classes for MOBS, so that
spellcasters will take a random spell of the 5 Highest Violent ones..
One thing I would like was to be able to put in : This Mob will cast
these spells. Problem is that.. erhm.. :) It's so annoying when you
have 500+ Spells to pick the ones needed.. *sigh* Well I'll figure
that one out as well.. (Or keep my system as it is.. :)

Thnx again..


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