Re: Polymorph spell

From: Jared Buckley (jaredb@TI.COM)
Date: 11/07/97

Angus Mezick wrote:

>      ObCircle: I was thinking about a polymorph spell, what problems can
>      people forsee with placing the char's body in a holding cell, and
>      moving their desc to a mob? on top of this, keeping the player
>      specials.

If your mobs have special abilities/immunities that the player will
also inherit you need to be sure to check the balance of your game.
I used to play on a mud where you could poly into a wererat.  All
were creatures in the game were immune to non-magical weapons.  Since
the wererat was a relatively low level poly, people could just
walk down to Old Thalos and stand around collecting experience;
the lamias couldn't hit you!  Players would just set up a client
to send a <CR> every couple of minutes and then walk away for hours...

One cool aspect of poly was that you couldn't tell a poly'd player
from a mob in most cases.


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