Re: [NEWBIE] [CODE] Spec_procs.c

From: Rich Chiavaroli (rchiav@FRONTIERNET.NET)
Date: 11/07/97

On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Ben Britton wrote:

> Could someone give me a hint on how to code a special program so that if
> a character says something the mob will transport them to a corresponding
> location?  I've check all the documents, and the ftp sites for hints but
> came up with nothing.

Well I'll give you some hints on how to do it. You could for one install
mobprogs and handle it that way. Or you could write a special procedure.
For the procedure, look at how other specials work. They are assigned
to a mob or mobs in spec_procs.c (I think). They check for what
the command is and do something accordingly. For transferring a
player from one room to another, look at how it's done for goto
and recall. I belive they use char_from_room() and char_to_room().
Hope that helps get you on your way.


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