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From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 11/07/97

On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Raymond P. Steigerwalt Jr. wrote:

->Well i guess this is a code question.. Does anybody know where i can get
->a good Religion system?

I've found the "k-rad koolest" place to go to find code for anything
and everything you can want or dream of.  It's called a book store; it
has resources unimaginable, things like books on geography, on C, and
on air (a coder's coy variation of "land, sea, and air").  Even on
common sense and not relying on other's for everything; those these
books, with the heavy morals they carry, are often held in the deepest
darkest corner of the facility, where ungainly, tiny people--midgets--
will let out endlessly wails, and tears, and trample on your feet.
Yes, the lessons learned from these colorful books are hard ones, and
so dangerous that they are kept from adults--who would know how to
use the information--and gaurded by the afore-mentioned midgets.  Aye,
the book store is a place of many things; of learning, and insight, of
fantasy, and eroticism, or even cooking (n.b., if you're kinky, erotic
cooking is probably there, too)...and aye, though there be midgets
wandering in the back of the store around those ancient books of moral
insight, and though there be many books on computers and programming
written by invalids and idiots that ought not ever pick up a
pen--mainly published by Microsoft Press--and despite the many dangers
of the quest to find the store, and then your prize...there, in that
ancient place of dread to all illiterate, to all non-thinkers, and to
all with no common sense, there be books on C, that will teach...

And mayhap you venture to the land of the midgets, and pick an aptly
titled book concerning: not relying on everyone else for something you
are capable of doing yourself.

This has been a public service ranting brought to you by,

daniel koepke /

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