[NEWBIE] [WIN95] Help!!!!!!

From: Hobsie (grych@HEM.PASSAGEN.SE)
Date: 11/08/97

Im a "newbie" in mud pogramming in C++ and dont know much, but i have easy
to learn i think.. I in genrealy programms using Borldand Pascal 7.0 (and
Assembler) and have made a Mud using that to comunicate with windows
winsock.dll (WSock32.dll)?? hehe, and it all works fine. But i want to
learn how a "real" Mud works and all i have found is written in C. But that
shouldnt stop me.. I just bought me MVC++ V4.0 but i just cant seem to get
the circle code to compile.. I have wery litle knowledge in C, but as i
sayd earlyer i want to learn it.. And i have seen many people on this
mailing list that have the code running just fine on theire Win95 so im
just wiondering if anyone could mailme the conf.h and makefile they used to
get it compile under there Win95.. and i would be wey glad =).

Yes and one more thing, i dont seem to have the include files etc.

and im wondering where i can download emm. =)
or are they in my install disc for MSVC++???? i didnt install all the stuff
on it.. Didnt suppose i needed emm all =( cuz my drive arent that big.. =P

Well for all those who wonders why the heck he write so strange?? =P
Yes im from sweden and my english arent that good.. hehe sorry..

Best wishes Eric..

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