Re: [NEWBIE] [WIN95] Help!!!!!!

From: Jason (jhorn@FUZZY.PI-INC.COM)
Date: 11/08/97

Take your pick....


On Sat, 8 Nov 1997, Hobsie wrote:

> Hi!!
> Im a "newbie" in mud pogramming in C++ and dont know much, but i have easy
> to learn i think.. I in genrealy programms using Borldand Pascal 7.0 (and
> Assembler) and have made a Mud using that to comunicate with windows
> winsock.dll (WSock32.dll)?? hehe, and it all works fine. But i want to
> learn how a "real" Mud works and all i have found is written in C. But that
> shouldnt stop me.. I just bought me MVC++ V4.0 but i just cant seem to get
> the circle code to compile.. I have wery litle knowledge in C, but as i
> sayd earlyer i want to learn it.. And i have seen many people on this
> mailing list that have the code running just fine on theire Win95 so im
> just wiondering if anyone could mailme the conf.h and makefile they used to
> get it compile under there Win95.. and i would be wey glad =).
> Yes and one more thing, i dont seem to have the include files etc.
> sys/time.h
> arpa/telnet.h
> crypt.h
> net/errno.h
> sys/fcntl.h
> sys/select.h
> sys/time.h
> uninstd.h
> and im wondering where i can download emm. =)
> or are they in my install disc for MSVC++???? i didnt install all the stuff
> on it.. Didnt suppose i needed emm all =( cuz my drive arent that big.. =P
> Well for all those who wonders why the heck he write so strange?? =P
> Yes im from sweden and my english arent that good.. hehe sorry..
> Best wishes Eric..
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