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From: --Ben Horner-- (b-horner@WAITE.ADELAIDE.EDU.AU)
Date: 11/08/97


On many muds were two different races are used often "good" and "evils",
the evils cant see the goods name and goods cant see evils eg:
if a troll sees a human he sees "human stands here" instead of jack
stands here. . . etc etc.

Now that is fairly easy to do no probs, but a idea was brought up that
really a human should not see a humans name unless he has been formally
Thus the idea would cause:
if human saw jack the human he would see "Human stands here" NOT "jack
stands here".

Now the only way I can think of to accomplish this is to add a list of
names to each player that he has been introduced to, and over time this
could reach as high as say 100 or 200 names.

Thus if a human saw another human character it would search through this
list to see if he has been introduced if he has then show name if not
show "human".

My question is will this lag the mud having to continually run through a
for loop of up to say 200 names?

a group of 5 humans walks in on a room of say 10 humans, would cause this
loop to go of a very large number of times as each indervidual would have
to check if he was introduced to each of the 10 people in the room.

Can c do these loops fast and easily? or will this lag the game?


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