Re: [CODE] Problem with boards

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 11/08/97

> Well i have a problem with my boards, after a while they don't write to
> them. if you type 'write Test' it says 'You don't have a Test in your
> inventory.' then i have to reboot and then they work ok for a while. i
> have no idea how to fix this, and could it be OasisOLC messin it up??

  Okay, first, you canna make boards dynamically right now - ie with
oasisolc.  They simply don't work that way. First of all, they've got to
be initalized, which only happens once, and second, they have to go
through the entire rigaamrole within boards.c, spec_assign.c and the
altering of BOARD_NUM in boards.h.  OLC really dosen't touch boards at
all, even if you have olc to assign specs, it still won't work - you'll
need a reboot.

  Otherwise, i'd recommend that you examine (and put something like
debugging log() calls) in the functions "find_board()", and in
"SPECIAL(gen_board)", that together, they recieve the "write" command
through the spec_proc, and also that the board is located - although, if
the board wasn't located, you should see a message like "degenrate board".

        If you have the knowledge, step through with gdb.

        Otherwise, having boards which are very much in the room that
you're in, popping in and out of existence is probably indicitive of some
severe memory memory problem.  Make sure you've not written any sort of
functions which play with say, the obj list memory, or the like?

        Had the same sort of memory problem before - my characters kept on
randomly switching sex. It WAS disconcerting.


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