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From: Robert Erica (rcerica@ARCHERY.DEMON.NL)
Date: 11/08/97

At 01:13 AM 11/9/97 +1030, --Ben Horner-- wrote:
|Thus the idea would cause:
|if human saw jack the human he would see "Human stands here" NOT "jack
|stands here".

We do it even a little differently, we have players make up their own short-
description, and display that to other players...

I don't yet know if this will cause much abuse, cause the code is still in
it's testphase

|Now the only way I can think of to accomplish this is to add a list of
|names to each player that he has been introduced to, and over time this
|could reach as high as say 100 or 200 names.

well, i made a list of player-IDcode and a timer, the amount of players
known to
someone is limited by his/her INT and if you reach that limit you'll forget
player you havent seen for the longest time.

this also solves the problem of running trough a list of 200 entries, our
lists never get that large. (and, in reality, can you remember 200 people
by name?)

|Can c do these loops fast and easily? or will this lag the game?

I really think that depends on the speed of you server, i didn't notice more
lag when i tested my code...

Robert Erica
Ghent @ DiamondMud

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