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From: Sean Butler (sbutler@DEVEAST.COM)
Date: 11/08/97

From:   Daniel Koepke[]
Sent:   Sunday, November 09, 1997 1:55 AM
To:     Sean Butler
Subject:        Re:  your mail

On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, Sean Butler wrote:

->On Sat, 8 Nov 1997, Sean Butler wrote:
->-->Actually, with a sorted list of idnumbers:
->Daniel wrote:
->>Sorted?  Someone say sorted?
->Yes, I said sorted is that so hard to understand.

Nice attitude.  I wish I could be as big an asshole as you are for no
reason.  No-one, up until you, said anything about sorted lists.  In
fact, the original question concerned just a list thrown together, as
in being unsorted.  The person asked if searching this (unsorted) list
would be costly.  Now, where does the supposed 'correction' that it
would be log(200)*15*14 come from?  Next time, try suggesting the use
of sorted lists, instead of changing the right answer to reflect one
for a different situation.

I am sorry sir, but it is you that has the messed up attitude.
Furthermore, you will notice that I posted  on this topic under a different subject.  There I went into detail about how to solve
this problem using a sorted list of id-numbers.  see: "names and
searching" post.  (This was a reply to the subjectless post made
by Ben.  I did not realize that it had been given the name
"RE: your mail."

Also, I believe the person who made this post was looking for
a solution to the problem. So, if it is neccessary to change
the parameters of a problem to solve it more efficiently, it
should be strongly considered.

Maybe you should be less sensitive about people replying to your
posts.  No one really wants to hear you swear.


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