Re: Am I alone...? [OLC Promo]

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 11/09/97

On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, Chris Proctor wrote:

->Obviously some people have had different experiences to me.
->For me, writing the bulk of the object in a few seconds in a text editor
->(I mean really, how long does it take to type in a line of numbers?) is
->just fine.
->Basically building is pretty simple with the format I'm using, so I'm
->going to stick to it.

Naturally there will be faster things created in the text editor than
in OLC.  But, conversely, there are some things that are easier to
build in OLC than in the text editor.  But I suppose I did confuse the
issue; it is faster to do things in the text editor when you know
where everything goes.  But, for builders in common, it's much faster
to use OLC.

->Mine's running through a 33.6k link, and sharing with 3 other muds as
->well as other stuff.

Oh, that explains it.  But you would hardly need a T1 to get a better
link than that...:)~  Start killing off admins of the other muds.
That'll drop the traffick on the link dramatically....ummm, not to
condone murder.  Typically, mild torture does the trick and is more

daniel koepke /

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