Remembering Names, also Event Queues

From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 11/08/97

> this also solves the problem of running trough a list of 200 entries, our
> lists never get that large. (and, in reality, can you remember 200 people
> by name?)

easily..when i graduated from high school (oh so many years ago) we had
393 people in our graduating class alone..i'd be willing to bet that i
could name at least 350 of them..even if we weren't closely associated..
and this was only ONE grade out of the six that were in my school, not to
mention the hundreds of people that i interacted with away from i think could easily remember the names of over two
hundred different people..

i implemented an event system that will create a linked list of events,
and each second, decrement the number of seconds until the event is
supposed to fire off..when that reaches zero, it runs the event...there was
some discussion of using a hash table instead, and using the actual value
of the pulse clock to determine when the event should go off..i checked
out the site that Erwin (?) suggested, and there was a link to where someone posted examples of this type event
queing, but i can never get connected (always times out) i was
wondering if there was anyone on this list who would mind going over
this kind of system, since i'm unfamiliar with hash tables and i would
rather not have to run through a huge list every second..


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