Re: [CODE] olc mod espec editing

From: Anthony J rye (ajrye@ONE.NET)
Date: 11/10/97

On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, David Klasinc wrote:
> But really... This is very out of the subject... ;> Hm, if your subject is
> in New York, then you jumped to Tokio... :P
> David!
 thank you for proving a point about not being able to use cat to not edit
files ,my brother and i argued about that :P i know pretty lame,but my
brother can get very irrational *hehe*.
 no seriously though i am trying to relearn just about everything over
again and yes i am using a shell account obviously.
 i think ex works ok to :P havent tried pico :)

 thankx for replying to my stupid question :P

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