Re: {NEWBIE] [WIN95] Help!!!

From: Andrew Evans (Andrew_Evans@JBA.CO.UK)
Date: 11/10/97

grych@HEM.PASSAGEN.SE on 10/11/97 10:09:59

Please respond to

cc:    (bcc: Andrew Evans/JBA/44)
Subject:  Re:  {NEWBIE] [WIN95] Help!!!

>Okey i have tried that but it still cant find these files =(

I don't have any of these files on my machine and the MUD
compiles perfectly (albeit with one or two warnings! :)

>I can send the complete error log that the compiler spits out.. =P
>But its rather long..

E-mail it to me at the above address (to save swamping the list)
and I'll have a look if you like, but don't expect miracles.....
I'm hardly an expert!



ps. What version of Circle are you compiling?

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