Re: [INFO] Patches, FTP, and flying elephants.

From: Daniel O. Durant (dodurant@BELLSOUTH.NET)
Date: 11/11/97

Ron Cole wrote:

> A similar punishment should be handed out for even using the zones that come
> with Circle for anything other than testing and examples.  The world could
> easily do without yet another CircleMUD with stock zones.  Developing your world
> from scratch should be given the same or even a higher priority than modifying
> the code.

 Agreed, and Circle's huge amount of zones is certainly unneccesary for any sort of
testing. 5 or 6 at the most could serve their intended purpose, but the current
stock of files ends up a stumbling block causing the coders to have to rip special
procedures out left and right. A particularly bad example is Welmar's Castle. At
least it's all in a separate file, but geez, I know for a fact that other newbie
admins/builders like myself would have a hell of an easier time without all these
zones to erase and then put back and figure out why the hell the MUD crashed.

 The Wolfrider

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