From: Franco Gasperino (awe@CET.COM)
Date: 11/12/97

  Really no sense in this, since all you will be doing is calling more
windows API
functions. Without totally rewriting it, you may be able to display the
logs in
an windowed application, but even small calls like invalidaterect and the
are just going to chew up unnecessary cpu time. Every movement of a mouse,
type of a key, ect, is going to register to windows as being passed as a
callback and its going to slow everything down....

   Franco Gasperino
   Cutting Edge Communications

> From: Baktor Silvanti <>
> To:
> Subject:  [WIN95][WINDOWING]
> Date: Tuesday, November 11, 1997 12:27 PM
> lo:
> I'm wondering if anybody has tried adding code to the mud that will
> bring the mud up into an actual window of its own instead of a dos
> prompt window?  I wouldn't think this would be too hard but then again,
> I've never programmed anything that actually uses the windows
> environment.  Any ideas?
> On the patch program for Windows:   I found it, it is called WinPatch
> and it is at  You can also find it at
>  I am almost positive that it will not work with the
> patches we are dealing with BUT, it may very well be a good utility for
> those of you with 2 muds on a win95 site and wish to keep them in sync.
> I personally am one of those people and it seems to be a easy utility so
> far.
> Final note:  I was wondering about the house.c stock file.  It opens a
> file to something like:  "house/".  I am curious why there isn't
> a check for unix, win95 right before this as win95 can't use the "/" for
> directories.  Just curious as I've already fixed my file to work
> properly but maybe some other people haven't caught this yet?
> Thanks,
> Baktor
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