From: Baktor Silvanti (baktor@BEDFORD.NET)
Date: 11/11/97


I'm wondering if anybody has tried adding code to the mud that will
bring the mud up into an actual window of its own instead of a dos
prompt window?  I wouldn't think this would be too hard but then again,
I've never programmed anything that actually uses the windows
environment.  Any ideas?

On the patch program for Windows:   I found it, it is called WinPatch
and it is at www.artistry.com.  You can also find it at
www.download.com.  I am almost positive that it will not work with the
patches we are dealing with BUT, it may very well be a good utility for
those of you with 2 muds on a win95 site and wish to keep them in sync.
I personally am one of those people and it seems to be a easy utility so

Final note:  I was wondering about the house.c stock file.  It opens a
file to something like:  "house/%d.house".  I am curious why there isn't
a check for unix, win95 right before this as win95 can't use the "/" for
directories.  Just curious as I've already fixed my file to work
properly but maybe some other people haven't caught this yet?



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