Regarding Medit Crashes

From: Akuma/Chris Baggett/DOOMer (doomer@BAYOU.COM)
Date: 11/12/97

Ok, weirdest thing just happened to me,
For some odd reason (this is odd, trust me) i uncommented the
FREE(mob_index); and FREE(mob_proto); to try and see if i could finally
solve the Medit Crash problem.
I placed a log line like this:
log("Free. . . . ok"); between the two.

well the first two times after i run my mud, i couldn't figure out why i
even getting the error message.  Then i realized that it was b/c i wasn't
medit'ing a NEW mobile.  well, anyway, i finally got all setup,
and tried my Damndest to Crash the Mud with Medit.

  Well, to my suprise, I couldn't crash the mud with Medit,
(no matter how long i waited).
and i was wondering (here's the point everyone):
What was the last known version of  libc (or whatever) that is known
to crash on the FREE(mob_index); section, or a bit afterwards?
like, was it 5.4.1 or something like that?  currently our system (i think)
is using 5.4.33 or something like that, i'm not real sure how to find it.
( i got this information from doing a  ls  in the /usr/lib directory in
Debian GNU/Linux 1.3  and the file i found was
so i figured i was using version 5.4.33 of the lib malloc library(?) )

anyway, any insight as to why this finally works (and didn't before)?

I've been thinking possibly it may crash on some systems b/c not enough RAM
or something (that may have sounded like a statement that would have come
from someone stupider than I, but it was all i could come up with at 12:30am)

anyway, thanks for any replies (no flames please)

Akuma the Raging Coder

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