Re: {coding} prompts>

From: Nathan Ridley (legendd@CYBERELECTRIC.NET.AU)
Date: 11/13/97

>Anyway, I was using tintin... zMUD? *shiver* I just might start a flame
>about muds and windows and everything.. ;>

Actually, tintin is not practical for all of us to use. For many of you,
your MUD server is either your ISP, or a local server you can log into with
lag. I live in australia and my MUD server is in michigan! (it's not *my*
server of course, i was given permission to run a mud there by the kind
sysadmin). As it is, if i use a telnet client and log into my shell account
there, i experience a lot of annoying lag. With zMud, i guess i still get
some lag, but at least i get to play with minimum difficulty or annoyance.
I'm sure this is probably the case for some of the others too.

Nathan Ridley

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