Re: imms and spell levels

From: Nathan Ridley (legendd@CYBERELECTRIC.NET.AU)
Date: 11/13/97

>Hello folks,
>Something I never quite liked about the magic system in Circle is that at
>some level or another you gain ALL the spells and skills in the game.  I
>just don't like the idea of a fighter knowing call lightning, at any
>level; it throws off the feeling of a fighting character, specially since
>I'm a person who leans toward rp muds.
>My first thought was just to increase the level spells get set to at start
>one higher than my last god lvl, but then the level would have to exist,
>which then I would become that level when I did my first player swipe when
>I installed all my first set of changes.

Why do you want to do this? I mean, regular players can never reach LVL_IMM or
higher unless raised by a god, and gods are, well.. gods! gods are supposed to
be able to do anything they want, and to say that a god can't perform a
simple spell or skill means that they may as well not even *be* a god!

just my $0.02


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