Re: rules/spam/general etiquette

From: Baktor Silvanti (baktor@BEDFORD.NET)
Date: 11/13/97

Nathan Ridley wrote:
>  I know we all don't like spam, so i have a question. since we all post
> questions here every now and again, and in most cases get a response, is it
> considered etiquette to post a reply to the M.L. saying thanks? or is this
> considered email spam and annoying? Do you feel offended if you post a
> reply to my question and don't get a 'thankyou'? or do you feel annoyed
> that i spammed the mailing list with a message simply saying 'thankyou'? is
> it ok not to say thanks because we all generally try to reply and therefore
> we all know the other person is thankful anyway?


Personally i don't care if somebody drops a private email saying thanks
or if posted on board saying does show they at least got
what you wrote.  I don't expect it though (maybe cause i doubt people
like anything i say anyways?) and i'll guess that many other people are
this way too.  The problem would be when not only do you get a thank
you, but another 50million questions to you you become
a personal information database for the person.  That i'm sure has
happened to more than one person here (not me yet thankfully) and i'm
sure its annoying.

While I'm at it.  Thanks all you who have written on anything i've had
questions about, i tend to reply only occationally, but take heed, i
appreciate everything.


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