Re: [OFF-TOPIC] Grep question

From: Sean Butler (sbutler@DEVEAST.COM)
Date: 11/17/97

At 10:40 AM 11/17/97 -0500, Mark Dickey wrote:
>Since you are talking about grep, I figure that most people here are
>familiar with it.  So, what is the option to search in ASCII files only,
>not lookin gin binary?
>I know there is an option, i used to use it, but I can't remember what it
>is.  I have looked though all of the docs that FreeBSD has, including the
>man pages, but I can't find it.
>Is it not there and am I going crazy?

There is no such option.  At least not to my knowledge.  Besides, how could
it know which files are ascii and which aren't.  Best thing you can do is
use wildcards in the file name to match the extension. ie.

grep blah *.[ch]

Look for blah in all files ending in .c and .h
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