Re: [CODE]

From: Chuck Reed (creed@I-55.COM)
Date: 11/17/97

>It means:
>The ninth argument is not a pointer.
>Another way of putting that would be:
>The arguement after the 8th one and before the 10th should be a pointer,
>but isn't.
>Another way of putting that would be:
>Argument number nine needs to be a pointer, but it isn't.
>Need any more examples?
>(Sorry to be so scathing, but that was a dumb question.)
>John Evans <>

Ok, after all the letters I got for this, I realize that it needs more.  I
know it means that this isn't a pointer.  What I guess I should have put was

    case 'P':
sprintf(buf2, "%sPut %s [%s%d%s] in %s [%s%d%s], Chance %d%%, Max : %d",
              MYCMD.if_flag ? " then " : "",
              cyn, obj_index[MYCMD.arg1].virtual, yel,
              MYCMD.arg4 ? (101 - MYCMD.arg4): 100, MYCMD.arg2

this case statement give me an error message of arg9 isn't a pointer.  This
statement looks really crazy to me and I am not a very experienced coder.  I
was wondering, where exactly is the probelm?

Chuck Reed

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