Re: OLC Problems

From: Michael Simons (s0004589@MONTEAGLE.NIAGARA.EDU)
Date: 11/17/97

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, StormeRider wrote:

> >I've found some interesting difficulties with having the social editor
> >installed.
> >
> >1)  The socials are now sorted into the command list alphabetically
> >    automatically, whereas before they were put in however you wanted
> >    them to be.
> >  Ex. if you type li (intended list), after the social editor
> >    you get lick and I haven't found a way to get this fixed yet.
> >
> This can happen, I have found, for a number of reasons.
> a.) Make sure that you have enough reserved commands for movement. So, if
> you added in something like diagonal directions (which means I should
> probably fix my diag direction patch to be more compatible, shouldnt i?)
> you need to up the reserved commands.
> Why does this happen? I don't know.
> b.) Try running through your interp.c and making sure your commands are in
> alphabetical order... if not by the first, then by the second field. Having
> the second field off will confuzzle it, it seems.
> c.) Fiddle with the second field of the command. Ie, define list as
> { "list", "li", etc.},
> >2)  The at command doesn't seem to recognize the new socials correctly.
> >
> At works right on the socials... doesnt on aliases, I've noticed.
> >3) Not stock) When the gossip emote snippet is added I can't seem to get
> >   any socials to gemote right.
> >
> Can't help ya there, havent put that in myself. Not sure if I'm going to
> yet. *grin*

The thing is though, that the social code pulls the socials out of the
command_list all together...and then sorts them back in as it boots them.
It also keeps them in their seperate list, so that's probably the problem
with it, I just haven't bothered to try and fix it yet, or even find the
problem for that matter.

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