Re: OLC Problems

From: StormeRider (silk@ICI.NET)
Date: 11/17/97

>> >I've found some interesting difficulties with having the social editor
>> >installed.
>> >
>> >1)  The socials are now sorted into the command list alphabetically
>> >    automatically, whereas before they were put in however you wanted
>> >    them to be.
>> >  Ex. if you type li (intended list), after the social editor
>> >    you get lick and I haven't found a way to get this fixed yet.
>> >
>The thing is though, that the social code pulls the socials out of the
>command_list all together...and then sorts them back in as it boots them.
>It also keeps them in their seperate list, so that's probably the problem
>with it, I just haven't bothered to try and fix it yet, or even find the
>problem for that matter.
True, but they are sorted based on the keywords of the socials and the
keywords of the commands. And the other things I mentioned also affect the
sorting. Trust me. I havent tried to grok the why and how of it, but doing
those 3 things I mentioned will fix the problem.

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