Re: OLC Problems

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 11/18/97

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, Angus Mezick wrote:

->     Please leave the social editor out of Oasis.  I moved all the socials
->     to the end of the command list because of the fact that they aren't
->     really integral to speedy game play.  if a char wants to cackle, they
->     can type the cack, not just ca which every spell caster I know wants
->     to be cast.  if you do add this in, please comment it very well so
->     that when I am patching by hand, I can rip the little bugger out.
->     thanx

Which reminds me, once a long time ago, I wrote a social editor for my
old MUD (now gone into the oblivion of hdd-crashes).  Instead of
sorting the socials into the command list or do anything overly
complex like that, I moved the 'social_messg' structure to
interpreter.h, added (int) min_actor_level, (char *) cmd_name, and
(struct social_messg *) next variables to it, converting it into a
convient linked list.  I wrote a social-writing function to write
the socials to the social file and some functions to load the socials
into the linked list (sorted entry).  Then, instead of doing a check
for socials in the command list, I just did it after we hadn't found
any functions.  Thus, the social list was completely maintained by
itself, seperate from the command list.  With the social-writing
function, it wasn't hard to load up the old format of the file, and
write out a new one using the command list information.  Then it was
just a simple matter of actually writing the editor.

daniel koepke /

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