[CODE] Adding mort & immort levels

From: Will Andrews (ironwill@CARDINA.NET)
Date: 11/18/97

        I am attempting to add levels to my MUD, and it works fine for
adding maybe 20 levels, but I want to go from the stock 34 to 175 mort, 4
immort. Unfortunately, when I added the THAC0 values, and changed the
immortal levels, I had a problem:

"warning: comparison will always be x due to limited data range"

This is with x being either 1 or 0. I changed "byte level" in BOTH places in
structs.h, thinking that the data type wasn't large enough, and it worked,
but not the way it should. I ended up with problems when using "advance" and
"set". One other thing, I *DID* get rid of the title structure.

Thanks in advance,

Will Andrews (ironwill@cardina.net) (andrews@technologist.com)
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