[CODE][NEWBIE]Couple of questions

From: Mike Carpenter (abram@DELTANET.COM)
Date: 11/19/97

I know I have read something about this in the FAQs but thought I would ask
you instead of rereading them,
anyway I have a couple questions.
1.  When unrenting my characters end up loading to the Reception...but in
config.c or whatever file it is, it says the mort start room is 3001.  What
is the problem and how can i fix this?

2.  I want the equipment to stay on character when entering the
game...currently...when they leave and come back to the game it loads all
eq to their inventory..where do i fix this?

3.  And trying to get alias' to save.

I realize these are easy things that most likely have easy answers...please
if anything could you direct me to where i will find the answers to these
questions, I would greatly appreciate it.  I thank you in advance for any
help that you may offer.


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