Re: Idle/Room Rnum's

From: Cris Jacobin (jacobin@BELLATLANTIC.NET)
Date: 11/20/97

>>        3/  Where is the real Rnum 3 and what is it's purpose in terms of
>>            idling?
>It's nothing special, just meant to be an empty room in zone 0.  Look at
>the original 0.wld that has #0, #1, #3, and #99 (or more).


        Heh, that's the strange thing about it.  My 0.wld has only one room
in it.  The void, room 0.  If the files are parsed from low to high (I
assume), then 9.wld is next in line.  It was proper, in throwing them in
the river. (rooms 900, 902)

        Now unless olc has a 'delete room' hotkey I hit by mistake,
something quite bizzare went on with 0.wld. ;)

        For now, I simply changed the references in limits.c to rnum's 1
and 3 to rnum 0.

        Of course, I'll have to go extract 0.wld from archive or copy it
from the development mud.  But this weekend, plan on a #define VNUM_VOID or
two in case of a reoccurance.

-jac 'Close the door, put out the light...Logopolis is on strike, tonight.'
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