Hedit and possibly Aedit

From: StormeRider (silk@ICI.NET)
Date: 11/20/97

Ok, I went to put in hedit, it seems to work fairly fine, but *sigh* with
something similar to the problems I'm having with aedit. Which makes sense
because hedit is based off of aedit as a template.

Basically, StormeRider can edit a help topic. Once he has done so and saves
it internally, he cannot hedit anything else. However Pajro (I use his
character on the debug port as my test character =) can edit them until he
exits out (seems more on exiting and not the save_internally).

Neither actually changes the help files (like aedit doesnt change the
social file for me). It sounds like something is not being reset, but the
saving issue shouldn't occur either because if I did muck something up in
the aedit then it shouldnt have crossed over to the new code in hedit.
Unless hedit reads the entry form the help file as opposed to memory
(*didnt look that closely*).

Seems to me that if I find the fix to one I've found the fix to the other
in all likelihood. Running through and looking at olc.c, oedit.c, and
hedit.c it looks like it's set up correctly in regards to running
cleanup_olc and is freeing d->olc. Users shows us as playing and not in

Any suggestions on where to look? Damn, those who choose to start
CircleMUDs (*poor sobs*) will be somewhat luckier than we were... they'll
get a unified OLC that will have everything in it. I almost envy them
considering how much work I've done on mine, and what I have left to run
through all the work that George has done.

Also as an aside: George, are you planning on making a verion that will
upgrade from the original pre-George Oasis to v2.0 when you are done?
Answer is probably no and I wouldn't blame you, but some of us are still
running the old thing and it does seem kind of a waste to upgrade all the
way to 1.x and then to 2.0 which changes a lot anyways.

Ok, I'll stop blathering now.

StormeRider                  --- http://www.windsofstorm.net/wos/
silk@ici.net                 --- telnet://cmoo.com:4004

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