Re: Hedit and possibly Aedit

From: StormeRider (silk@ICI.NET)
Date: 11/21/97

At 07:05 PM 11/20/97 -0500, you wrote:
>> Neither actually changes the help files (like aedit doesnt change the
>> social file for me). It sounds like something is not being reset, but the
>> saving issue shouldn't occur either because if I did muck something up in
>> the aedit then it shouldnt have crossed over to the new code in hedit.
>> Unless hedit reads the entry form the help file as opposed to memory
>> (*didnt look that closely*).
>did you unify your help files? "help.hlp" is what i made as the default..

Your patch is smart enough to make that file itself =)

>> Seems to me that if I find the fix to one I've found the fix to the other
>> in all likelihood. Running through and looking at olc.c, oedit.c, and
>> hedit.c it looks like it's set up correctly in regards to running
>> cleanup_olc and is freeing d->olc. Users shows us as playing and not in
>i have them all working perfectly, so if anyone is having probelems with
>hedit, i'll send them my olc.c file that they can use as a comparison..
If you could do that, it would be greatly appreciated.

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