Re: Hedit and possibly Aedit

From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 11/20/97

> I thought hedit wasn't saving also. When I poked around, I discovered the
> save was being written to a file called (I think) help.hlp, which is otherwise
> unused as best I can tell.
> Looked to me like the help index was being build from the files listed in
> lib/text/help/index, so I removed the existing list and replaced the index
> contents with help.hlp, and things started working. (Note, this must be done
> _after_ using hedit with a save, to properly create the initial help.hlp
> file).

i said as much in the README have to unify your help flies and
put the single file called "help.hlp" in the must do this
before it will show up online, because hedit saves to disk, then mimics a
reload can do this by usnig hedit initially to create the
file, or you can manually unify them..

if my README file wasn't clear enough, then email me with some
constructive criticism..and i'll be more than happy to change it..

why does it seem that no one read it in the first place?


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