Re: adding new levels gone off topic, and onto flaming

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 11/20/97

> > There are plenty of mobs in AD&D that don't actually die when
> here would be a challenging program. Creating a Mob that can only be
> killed with silver weapons (ravenloft)
>  wererats,werebears,etc...

        A large number of muds already have this actually.  On my mud, I
have three seperate arrays for immunities, susceptibilities, and
resistances.  Added in with race lookups makes for such things as the
"blessed silver dagger" which does uh, x2 for evil, negates immunities and
resistances against it for were-creatures, demons, some undead.
   This just takes time to put in, and then can be incredibly full

> or how about coming up with a regeneration code for trolls and High
> leveled Npc(like wizards)?

        Instead of normal regeneration of hps, I just have every char with
a hitregen, manaregen, and mvregen bit.  Though it is initially race
dependant, it can be altered of course.  This allows me to have elves who
regen much slower than humans (taking humans as the base case), but who
have increased mana regen, and mv regen.  The converse applies to say,
dragons (a mob only race right now) - they have HUGE hp regen, and almost
no mana and only a little move regen (maybe this is why dragons sleep so
long - need to get mana for their breath weapon... Hm).

        With this system, everything but coming back to life would be
easy.  Of course, say, add a check for certain races/spells/conditions to
be "not_dead", but this would get difficult... you'd have to figure out
what it takes to actually kill them (fire, etc).  You'd have to have a
state where their bodies are container-like, so you can grab stuff
out(well, off) them, but yet they would still be alive, yet unable to
perform actions.  And then of course, they'd have to come back to life
eventually. (Hey - doon't forget about making sure that you stop fighting
the corpse.. although, you may want to hit it from time to time to make
sure it dosen't come back up again)

         > Dunno maybe this has been done before.

        Haven't seen the like of an actual D&D troll on any mud, anywhere.

                Sounds like a plan.


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