Re: [OFFTOPIC:Learning C] (was: adding new levels)

From: Andrew Evans (Andrew_Evans@JBA.CO.UK)
Date: 11/21/97

>>If you're a new implementor on a MUD, it's _essential_, if you don't
>>want to screw everything up, to have at least a basic knowledge of C.
>>People will tell you time and again that it's _not_ a good idea to
>>use MUD source as a learning platform for C.
>I've heard it time and time again and I just want to state that that is
>way that I did learn. There is a little clause that should be added on to
>that statement: "unless thou art a coder of other languages and doth have
>the experience to adventure forth in the realm of multi-platform coding
>whereby which thou mayest utilize thine knowledge towards a new goal."

I agree... I'm using MUD source as a tool for teaching me C and I'm really
not finding it that difficult.  I've only been doing it for about 2 months,
but I
do have a years VB beforehand.  If I was learning C from scratch, then to
do it this way would be dauuuuuuuuunting.....


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