Re: [OFFTOPIC:Learning C] (was: adding new levels)

From: Rasmus Ronlev (raro94ab@STUDENT.ECON.CBS.DK)
Date: 11/21/97

Andrew Evans skrev:

> >I've heard it time and time again and I just want to state that that is
> the
> >way that I did learn. There is a little clause that should be added on to
> >that statement: "unless thou art a coder of other languages and doth have
> >the experience to adventure forth in the realm of multi-platform coding
> >whereby which thou mayest utilize thine knowledge towards a new goal."
> I agree... I'm using MUD source as a tool for teaching me C and I'm really
> not finding it that difficult.  I've only been doing it for about 2 months,
> but I
> do have a years VB beforehand.  If I was learning C from scratch, then to
> do it this way would be dauuuuuuuuunting.....

I'll have to sign on to the list of agreeing coding imps *grin*I totally agree,
that using a mud for learning C is perhaps not the best and
easiest way to learn C. On the other hand, dragging down the source code
from the ftp site, installing it, reading that Kerningham and Ritchie ( yep I
did read a C book :) and digging into the source has some advantages.
I think it has a very high influence on the amount of work you put in learning
C if you're interested in it, because this is the opportunity to actually use
in the beginning very limited new knowledge to something that's fun (when it
works once in a while :), and that others will see (players you hope to get :)

Ofcourse there's also downsides. For one thing I beleave, that you need the
pioneer kind of spirit. You need to be one of those people who'll stick out
her/his head and don't care if it all goes wrong. I mean after all you learn
to make a backup or two when it's gone wrong a couple of times, and you
just deleted that way difficult modification with immortal titles in the who
output (do_who command).... Ok, so I admit it, I like to do things the hard
way, and not ftp the solution from the ftp site if there's any way that I can
code it myself, since that in my oppinion gives a much higher satisfaction of
a job well done.
The biggest downside of it all is probably, that CircleMUD is sort of a big
distribution and a lot of code lines, some of those more easy to understand
than others... And some downright unreadable... I have to say, that I still
skip the descriptor controling and IO part *blush* This after some years of
hacking along in and with CircleMUD code :)

Uhm.. well, my point is... I used CircleMUD as well as Linux to get aquainted
with both coding C and with Unix flavored operating systems. That was a big
help half a year later when I had an assignment in *nix networking protocols

So, as long as you're the venturing type into the misty and unknown lands, and
seek a new adventure and to explore and enhance your skills, then using Circle
as a C learning and developing base isn't such a bad idea.

Rasmus aka. Rand@TP on IMC-II

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