Re: adding new levels

From: Anthony J rye (ajrye@ONE.NET)
Date: 11/21/97

> I think what we really need is a list for all nice coders who are willing
> to help one another without being rude.  And then another list for all the
> obnoxious people.  I think both mailing lists would be quite full.
i like this idea! I have been on this mailing list a while (almost a year
i'd guess), i have not had a C book till now i was learning C about 2-3
months ago or more ,but when your about to go bankrupt and have to sell
all your possessions and havent been on the net in X amount a time and was
learning alot then and then forget, its fustrating trying to relearn and
the Obnoxious pple down you becuase your are trying to learn, which i may
add if you dont ask questions and you dont know what your doing, or even
have ever seen C before in your life and you do want to learn pple are
going to ask questions, Yes that maybe a wrong way to go , but some pple
dont have the alternative.
 My point is when you was in school did your teacher sit in a chair and
flame you because you want to learn? or if you asked a question?

-learning is the key to knowledge, but asking questions helps
 you in the learning process.
  *Anthony Rye

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