From: Thibor (roland@INTERPATH.COM)
Date: 11/23/97

Ho circle coders,

Implemented a silence spell, or a 10 tick magic block if you will.
Kinda long and I'm not sure everyone would care for it, so if you
want it send me a private email and I'll be more than happy to send
you the snippet.  Also IMP'd a clean vitalize mana spell, but I spect
everyone here can do that one without much effort and surely without
help from Thibor.  The silence spell works on PC's and mobs, and is a
nice addition when you add in things like !silence eq, silence eq, etc.

I've thought about making a high level version that works for rooms...
thoughts?  Disadvantage to that I spose might be asshole PC running
amuck and silencing various rooms for the hell of it, but still I think
it could be useful.


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