Re: adding new levels

From: Davies, Nathan (DaviesN@AECL.CA)
Date: 11/24/97

>> Oh, shut-up.  I mean really, we all feel sorry for any unenviable
>i am not asking for people to feel sorry for me. All i am saying is every
>one once was a newbie coder at one time or another, no i really didnt know
>whole lot about coding ,but i was starting to kinda get the hang of it and
>understand it. I would explain more, but i am sure no one wants to here
>about it. The point is dan i am trying to learn and no matter if its you
>or the President of the U.S trying to stop me (by flame i mean) I will
>Learn the C coding.
> Ya i admit i would like some help, but i dont want people telling me how
>to do it! i am sure when everyone started out they wanted help as well.
>There is nothing wrong with that (wanting Help to try to understand C).
> I am not asking for pitty ,i am not asking for simpathy, i am asking not
>to down me becuase i am trying to understand.
First off, Daniel...Your way too harsh...

Secondly...not everyone started out as a 'newbie' coder...especially
concerning muds...I taught myself C++ many years ago, by buying a C++
book, and reading it...I learned C++ quite well, without a
compiler...which might make you wonder, cuz it confuses the hell outta
me why I was learning it if I couldn't yet use it...:P

Seriously though...All 'newbie' coders should go get a book, read it,
try to understand it, then ask absurd questions :)


I added the ability for imm+ to score <player> and was wondering if
anyone wanted a snippet of's really not that hard...but I
needed an ObCircle...Hey...If anyone wants it...I've also added an
affected command...which is also easy, since it's mostly just a
copy/alteration of the end of do_stat_char...

>Nathan Davies,

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