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From: Kristen Wild (sunflwr@BGA.COM)
Date: 11/24/97

As an aside to all the flames etc, I have been pondering this for about
five years now.

What I have been thinking of adding unlimited levels, to my mud which is
quite simple. This will eliminate any exp table, and thac0 table. Thac0
will have to be calculated and stored into the pfile. Since I will be
changing a majority of the code to implement this. I decide to add some
different player states. For example: you die, you come back as a ghost,
you can become a vampire, and if the sunlight gets you then perm death.
Basically to be mean to the mortals. (Dogbert would say he is just mean
spirited, personally I rank my self like the Grinch).

So the psuedo code that I have sort of been working on and what I need is
some oppinions...

enum char_type = {DEAD == -1, PC = 1 << 0, GHOST = 1 << 2, ... , ADMIN = 1
<< 32}

add char_type to pfile
rewrite interpreter.c to remove all level references and replace levels
with char types.
rewrite skill tables, to allow commands for different states, and not for




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