From: John Evans (evansj@HI-LINE.NET)
Date: 11/25/97

On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, Pierson Lee wrote:

> how do i keep my mud up even when i am logged off?? my shell keeps closing
> the processes when i either log off or just quit out. I am running off a
> HP 9000 unix computer.. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

First things Pierson... I was sorely tempted to delete the message
because of the childish all caps subject line, but I decided to be kind
and answer your question. In the future please be more thoughtful when
deciding upon a subject.

Answer to question:

You need to use nohup. Check man nohup for help.

Alex: Could we add this to the FAQ? I'm willing to write up a paragraph
or so on how to use nohup if you're willing to add it to the FAQ. It just
seems like it falls under the descriptive of "frequent".

John Evans <>

May the source be with you.

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