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From: dmodem (dmodem@CYBNETONLINE.COM)
Date: 11/25/97

At 08:34 PM 11/21/97 -0500, you wrote:
>On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Daniel Koepke wrote:
>> Oh, shut-up.  I mean really, we all feel sorry for any unenviable
>i am not asking for people to feel sorry for me. All i am saying is every
>one once was a newbie coder at one time or another, no i really didnt know
>whole lot about coding ,but i was starting to kinda get the hang of it and
>understand it. I would explain more, but i am sure no one wants to here
>about it. The point is dan i am trying to learn and no matter if its you
>or the President of the U.S trying to stop me (by flame i mean) I will
>Learn the C coding.
> Ya i admit i would like some help, but i dont want people telling me how
>to do it! i am sure when everyone started out they wanted help as well.
>There is nothing wrong with that (wanting Help to try to understand C).
> I am not asking for pitty ,i am not asking for simpathy, i am asking not
>to down me becuase i am trying to understand.

ObCircle is hiding somewhere down there at the bottom.

I've been listening to this thread from the very first message.  I must say
that it has probably pissed off the majority of those who read the
messages.  Some people don't like being flamed.  Some people don't like
stupid newbie questions (which either show that the writer of the message
is lazy or it asks a question that has been answered hundreds of times and
even a few times in your docs).
I remember the first time I posted.  It was by far the dumbest thing I ever
sent to a mailing list.  I got flamed for it (at the time I knew absolutely
nothing about C or programming languages in general) and I got really mad
for being flamed.  I might have even flamed the flamer (which is always the
wrong thing to do).  Since then my posts of steadily become less and less
newbie-like and almost show basic knowledge of C!  I also enrolled in a few
Community College classes about programming and they helped out a lot.  I
know what it is like to be flamed but I'm not mad at those who flamed me.
I would actually thank them for it if I could remember their names.  It was
a kick in the head that made me open my eyes and realize that this is *NOT*
my mailing list.
--ME FLAMING FLAMERS (or actually its more like a friendly suggestion)--
obviously its not my list.  I didn't need a kick in the head to know that
but I see a lot of people posting basically saying that the topic of
discussion does not interest them.  Well not everyone is out there posting
messages just to please you.  I have gone through several hundred messages
that did not interest me.  That is what subjects are for.  I skip the ones
that don't interest me.  i certainly do not flame them.
Not all flames are simply because the topic does not interest the flamer.
There are those newbies that post with "wuzzup wich my coding.doc ppl?!
gimme the rest of it now!" or "I want to do this with my code.  Send me the
snippet and tell me how to install it!".  This makes me EXTREMELY angry.
But you would have a very hard time finding any replies to such messages
written by me.  Rather than screaming at them you could avoid a very ugly
thread (like the one I am now responding to) and send them a message saying
that they should read all of the documentation before posting again (a list
of specific files wouldn't hurt either) and also give them a list of sites
where they can find snippets and patches and maybe a C tutorial or two.
Then you could explain that ordering others on the list to do something for
you will not get you anywhere and you should first read through the code
and make an attempt and then send very specific info about your problem to
the list ONLY as a VERY LAST resort.  Instead of flaming someone maybe this
way we can avoid counter-flames and counter-counter-flames.
if you think I only have things to say to the flamers and nothing to the
newbies you are mistaken.
--ME FLAMING NEWBIES (yes this is a flame.  but I will try to keep it as
polite as possible--
First of all, this list isn't here to tell you how to do things.  It is not
here to do anything for you.  If you expect to get any help from this list
you might find yourself mistaken.  Follow these simple steps of coding
read the FAQs
read the docs
read some C books
read some more C books
read code from some easy to understand program
give your C books a comfortable spot near your computer (you'll need them a
make some programs that do interesting things
read the messages you receive from the list
read through every inch (or millimeter if you're feeling metric today) of
code in CircleMUD
if you don't understand something look it up in some books until you do
understand it
get an idea for something to do to your code.
think up a way to code it (psuedocode can be used if it helps you)
put your idea into a C form and shove it into your code
compile it and fix the errors
if it crashes find out why and fix it
look through your C books when you find something that you don't understand
try and try and try and try...
if you can honestly say that you can not fix the problem on your own send a
message to the mailing list and be very specific.
if you don't get a reply, too bad.
by now you should be able to at least appear to know something about what
you are doing.  If you get flamed simply delete that piece of mail.  never
reply to a flame because in the end you will just end up right back where
you started and with a nasty ulser to worry about.  enjoy your life damn it!
if you are having money problem then CircleMUD is the last thing you should
be playing with.  Not only does it eat up large amounts of money but it
also takes up a lot of time you could spend out there making money.  It
might not be fair that only people that are financially secure can run MUDs
but I don't think its fair that I don't like in a big mansion and drive a
mercedes.  Doesn't mean anyone should feel bad about it.  Like a Mercedes,
a MUD is a luxury and like most luxuries it is expensive (unless you are
lucky enough to have connections in the technological and
telecommunications fields but that is a whole other message).

ObCircle: (there it is!  see!  told you it was down here!)

I just got finished coding a new weapon type.  It makes it possible for
weapons to require the owner of the weapon to have a certain type of
ammunition.  this is done by making a new object type.  I'm not just going
to send it to the list because it is poorly written and I would be too
embarassed to let you experienced coders see it.  But if you would like to
help me test it out or if you would just like to look through what I did,
e-mail me privately and ask for it.  all messages sent to the list asking
for it will be ignored.  please, experienced coders only because this could
very easily cause a lot of nasty problems with your MUD and I can't help
out any newbies who can't even run their mud cuz o my edits.

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