[CODE] dynamic buffer allocation module.

From: Sean Butler (sbutler@DEVEAST.COM)
Date: 11/26/97

I have nearly completed a dynamic buffer allocation and reallocation system
writing large amounts of text into a buffer without worry of overflowing
it.  To utilize this with circle, you would have to rewrite some sections
of your
code.  If there is any interest in this kind of thing I would be happy to make
it available.  It will just be a module that you can install, not a patch.

Some Features:

1.  Allows you to create as many buffers as you like.
2.  Prevents seg faults caused by buffer overflowing.
3.  Ensures that no 2 functions ever try to write to the same global buffer.
4.  Reduces the memory overhead of large global buffers (a buffer is only as
    big as it needs to be).
5.  Automatically reallocates a buffer if more space is needed.
    This is configurable, each time it allocates or reallocates it does it
    by a fixed amount.  You can configure this amount for either optimal
    speed or optimal memory use.
6.  Unused buffers consume no memory.

Here is a list of functions that you can use:

typedef long BUF;  /* a buffer handle is just a long int */

/* Allocate space for a new buffer and return the handle */
BUF newbuf(void);

/* given a buffer handle return the string associated with it */
char *buftos(BUF);

/* copy a string into a buffer */
BUF bufcpy(BUF, char *);

/* concatenate a string to the end of a buffer */
BUF bufcat(BUF, char *);

/* When finished, you must free buffers */
void bfree(BUF);

/* Works like sprintf but prints into a buffer instead of a string */
int bprintf(BUF, const char *, ...);

/* Initializes the bufferlist.  Must be called before anything else, */
/* but only needs to be called once                                  */
void initbufs(void);

I will probably add some more stuff to this, things that are in the ANSI
string library and support for reading from a file to a buffer like sscanf().

If there is any interest in using something like this let me know and I will
give it to George. :-)   ( If George would have it :-P )



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