Re: C++ CircleMUD Baggett/DOOMer on Wed, Nov 26, 1997 at 05:53:20PM -0600

From: Eric Green (thrytis@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 11/28/97

> >Log << "1st part " << "second part" << Log;
> >(sending the log class to itself causes a flush, kind of a hack...)
> doesn't work.  sorry to burst your bubble, any other ideas?

The io manipulator endl is commonly used to flush the stream.
It adds a newline to the end if the stream (generally something you
want to do anyways) and flushes the line.  You would use it as

        Log << ch << " just was toasted by " << killer << "." << endl;

You will need to include iomanip.h to use it.


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